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Why You Need A Clean Machine

Bottom line is--clean equals green, Clean = Green $$$
the kind of green folding stuff you'd like to have more of in your hands.

Remember that buying a car is probably the second largest purchase you'll make after a house -- and like any major investment, it should be maintained to keep its trade-in value as high as possible. A brand new car that hasn't been cared for will look OK for a couple of years, but lack of maintenance will rapidly begin to show after that. If you're buying (or have bought) a used car, think of your own experiences. Aren't you much more inclined to pay more for a vehicle that has been well maintained and shows pride of ownership?

Rain, Rain, Go Away

What's the absolute worst enemy of your vehicle's finish? Tree sap, tar, road salt, bird droppings and even that nail found by your six-year-old all pale in comparison to the scourge of acid rain. It causes deterioration of our environment and it attacks the vehicles that contribute to the deterioration of that same environment. Poetic justice, perhaps, but acid rain -- industrial pollutants including nitrogen oxides and sulfur dioxide when combined with moisture in the air -- can eat right through the clearcoat of your vehicle's finish down into the base coat color.

Unless you've been sending your dollars to the "Wash Away Acid Rain" fundraising campaign, there is, as of this moment, no cure for acid rain damage to your vehicle. There are, however, ways of minimizing damage through prevention and restoration. You can learn more about these by reading our Book Review section and by reading through our product maintenance tips on our website. Contact us via email, fax, or phone to learn how you may purchase all of the products used in our detailing business. We will gladly answer any questions that you may have or help you start your own business or become a distributor.

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