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Polished by Hand

    On the date of your Scheduled Appointment our truck comes to your location.  The Detailers setup in the parking lot at your site's designated service area.

    The truck is usually on-site at 8:00 a.m. or by noon (depends on whether your site is our morning stop or afternoon stop). You may leave your car in the designated area, lock it, and leave your keys, name, & plate number with security in one of our envelopes.

    Or . . . when the truck arrives, they will call you. Time frame depends on the vehicle size, condition of car, SUV, etc. it may take anywhere from 2 hrs. to 4 hrs.

The Detailers will . . .

bullet Clean & Remove all the tar, bugs, etc. from the outside of the vehicle prior to
the application of the Protective Sealant
bulletPolish the outside of your vehicle, removing any Surface Scratches 
bullet Clean and Dress all tires
bullet Polish all the Chrome
bullet Shampoo all the Carpets and Upholstery
bullet Clean all the Leather & Vinyl and apply our protectant 
bullet Vacuum interior including under seats, crevices, etc.
bullet Clean windows, door jambs, vents, etc.
bullet Trunk vacuumed (if empty)

When they are finished All that is left behind is . . . 
a clean, shiny, vehicle!


This is an extra process that is performed on painted surfaces to restore nearly any oxidized painted finish to a lustrous shine.  Oxidation is caused by excessive exposure to the elements without the benefit of a good polish or wax job.  The appearance of your vehicle will be dull or chalky to the touch.  
If your vehicle is over 3 years old, it may need to be compounded before the polish/sealant is applied--should this be the case, it is an extra charge of $75 - $100. In most cases, if you have been taking care of the vehicle (washing, wax etc.) this should not apply to you. 
The detailer will tell you if this process is necessary when he checks your vehicle in.  If there is any doubt he will do a test spot on the hood of the vehicle and he will discuss it with you before doing the job.  NOTE:  If only spots need to be compounded, that is done automatically at no additional charge.

Clay Bar - Removes These Types of Contaminants

Special blend of abrasive and clay-type binder system removes surface contaminants including cured overspray and industrial fallout from automotive finishes and trim without scratching.

bulletPaint Finish Roughness
bulletIndustrial & Organic Fallout
bulletSurface Rust & Rail Dust
bulletVolcanic Deposits

Extra charge: $75 - $150 [Please speak to Detailer when you check your vehicle in for Detailing.]

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Definition of Terms

The Protective Sealant (Carnuba wax) stays on the vehicle up to 6 months; at which time your name will come up on the computers and we will contact you for a Maintenance Reminder -- we will Call, E-mail, or Fax.
Surface scratches are scratches that you cannot feel with your hand. For scratches that are deeper, the Detailers will apply the necessary compounding products to remove or lessen the appearance of the scratches or advise Clay Bar process.

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