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What is a Virtual Assistant?ElaineKay Training at Schering Plough

A Note from the Detailers:  If you have been working with ElaineKay at Mobile Enterprises you have already been introduced to an experienced Virtual Assistant.  She has been managing Mobile's On-site Detailing and Dent Removal Services for 11 years.  She has done just about everything from setting up our office to "cold-calling" to gather new corporate clients.

A true Virtual Assistant is a business owner whose business it is to partner with successful professionals through a long-term business relationship. She provides a vast range of services and plays an important role in the day to day operations of YOUR business.

A business relationship is formed (with no financial strings attached) and it's based on a foundation of a mutual respect and positive interaction. She works along side you to support your business goals and together you bring those goals to fruition.

Virtual Assistance is a fee-based service supporting your business operations through managerial, administrative and entrepreneurial skills. Fees will range from $25 - $75 an hour depending on the VA and in conjunction with her area of expertise or the range of her expertise.

Business is conducted in a "virtual" environment because your VA's geographical location is different than yours. Meaning, she is not located and does not conduct business near or in your office.

This is an extremely intelligent, efficient and productive way of doing business in today's global environment. This kind of support works incredibly well with professionals who have an open mind for finding ways to work smarter not harder and who want to take advantage of technology and innovative thinking to take their business and life to the next level.

It's the perfect solution when you don't want to hire an employee but need a strong business partner without any financial strings attached.

Working with a VA is an invaluable, business-savvy solution toward the fulfillment of your goals and your dreams.

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